Tuesday, August 9, 2011

June Fun

Tot School June and July
Yup, it's August and I'm just getting around to sharing these.  Tot school has been all about playing outside.  I've been real busy planning, helping decorate and running our church's VBS.  Now that it's over and I've recuperated we are going to get back on track.

Playing in the giant sensory bin aka as "the beach" as Munchky calls our sandbox and water table.

Taking a break in "their" house
Love this picture!
Riding to the construction site


We did find time to go to The Hot Air Jubilee.  The kids thoroughly enjoyed this: they got to sit on tractors, go on rides, and watch the "big" balloons get blown up and take off!

Munchky had no problem going down the giant  slide by himself!

Up it goes!

Since then Munchky draws balloons all the time!

Then we made play-doh balloons

T-Rex erasing Munchky's balloons

You can tell he still really loves play-doh (not quite as much as he loves destroying his  brothers creations.)
Stacking is much better.

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