Sunday, April 17, 2011

S is for Spring - Bug Week

 Munchky is 34 months
T-Rex is 17 months

 This week was bug week of our spring unit, in more ways then one. Just as we got over our colds and the weather was warming up we were hit with the stomach bug.  T-Rex was hit especially hard for practically the entire week and only wanted to sit in Mommy's lap and whimper when he was awake.  Munchky rebounded pretty quick and we did some activities while T-Rex was sleeping.

Munchky's favorite activity was playing with these masks that I got at the dollar spot at Target and using a bee magnifying glass (also Target) to check things out. We had fun acting like bees "buzzing" and flying around.

He also loved this "small spaces" activity putting in butterfly sticks (from Dollar Tree) into the holes of our colander and played with it over and over again.  Apparently he got over his objection for it being used for anything else but catching balls.
Some of the sticks were fatter than others, and made a "snapping" noise as they were pushed into the holes.  When this happened, he said, "You alright, butterfly?,  Be careful."

We did a butterfly finger painting using a stencil from Dollar Tree.

Searching for the bugs I added into our spring sensory bin.  He decided it was easier to try and shake them out.

The boys working on Butterfly and caterpillar  sheets from COAH.  This is T-rex's lone appearance for the week (about 3 minutes worth).


We read "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" this week and  talked about how caterpillars became butterflies. We also worked on this tot pack created for it by Carisa at 1+1+1=1. 
Munchky loved the color matching (word, color, and food).  He got it right away, words and all, without me having to show him.  (I'll have to see if he knows the color words if they aren't printed in that color).  He liked them so much that he had to take the cards with him to bed!

Working on matching the uppercase letters to lowercase. I decided not to cut up the lowercase letters and he could place the uppercase on top of the matches.  (less cards that way)

Munchky used the M&D lacing beads to put the numbers in order.  (I was missing the six in the bin and he wasn't happy, I tried to convince him to use the nine upside down..but he didn't buy it.)

I tried to get him to lace the beads..but he's still not interested.  He did one and then he was done.

Munchky seeing how far the gel clings stretch

Munchky and Daddy after a long day.

PS.  T-Rex felt much better today (Sunday) and wanted to go downstairs (to our tot room).  He loved the butterfly sticks, having Mommy wear the bee mask while he "buzzed", and digging in the sensory bin.  He also really enjoyed the ABC cards to the Very Hungry Caterpillar, though he insists that all the fruits are apples.

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Monday, April 11, 2011

S is for Spring

Munchky is 34 months
T-Rex is 17 months
We really enjoyed our week celebrating spring with our focus on bunnies, ducks, and eggs, oh my!  

                        The boys had loads of fun coloring eggs.

The boys really enjoyed the spring sensory bin and looked forward to playing with it every day.  Munchky must have chocolate radar, b/c the first thing he did when he saw the bin was pick up the brown egg, shake it, open it up and discovered the M&M's.


 T-Rex dug right in and pulled out the ducks.

 His brother kept the M&M's a secret.  Mom had to eventually clue him in before big brother found and ate them all.

Both boys loved opening the eggs to get the spiny balls and then of course throwing them around.

later in the week I was able to get Munchky to match the spiny balls with the correct color eggs.

T-rex decided to have a taste test between the yellow and purple balls.

And of course they had fun "making it rain".

Munchky has been working on his sounds.  So I wrote out "spring" saying the sounds and he told me the letter to write down.  He wasn't satisfied with just spring and wanted to do all 4 seasons.  He did great at this as he got about 90% of the letters.

 T-Rex has really started to get interested in 'drawing" lately and when Munchky and I were finished he had to add some "letters" of his own.

T-Rex working on M&D pets puzzle.  He's getting better and better at puzzles.

Muchky liked this egg letter matching printable from 2 Teaching Mommies spring unit  After I showed him how to match the upper and lower case letters by drawing a line from one to the other, he did great doing the next two.  That must have been too much b/c after that he just crossed out the letters as he went.

He also worked on these spring spelling sheets from 2 Teaching Mommies. We worked on the letter sounds as he placed the letter tiles.

We read The Runaway Bunny and then did these If/Then matching cards from Homeschool Share.  Munchky was excited when he saw the cards (he loves matching cards) but was apprehensive when he saw that these did not match in the traditional sense.  I went through all of the cards showing how they told the story if we matched the little bunnies "if"  to the mother's "then" reply.  After I did that he really liked putting them together.

We read a lot of books this week - so many good spring books. We especially enjoyed "Splish, Splash, Spring" and its paper collage illustrations.

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Monday, April 4, 2011

B is for Basketball week 2

Munchky is 34 months

T-Rex is 17 months
We continued our basketball week.  I was sick for most of the week.  But we were able to still have lots of fun..  The boys continued having fun playing "basketball" and jumping in the ball pit.
 T-Rex saw these beans on the shelf and insisted they be played with.

Munchky tried pedaling his tricyle Meme got him for Christmas in preparation for some nice weather.
 He is starting to get the hang of it and loves to ring his bell.

Munchky worked on getting the "ball in the hoop" with these writing sheets from 2 Teaching Mommies
He did well following the lines and getting the circles. Then when he was done he decided it needed something "extra".

Working on the B - Basketball Do-a-Dot sheet.
Muncky is currently going through a "no clothes" stage.
 T-Rex is coming to see what Munchky is doing.

T-Rex wanted to get in on the Do-a-Dot action. This is the first time he really has been interested in using the markers.

First time both the boys have helped in cooking. Munchky is showing T-Rex what to do.

Munchky trying lacing for the first time with this basketball card.  He did well putting the lace in the holes...but he hasn't quite got the hang of "pulling" the rest of the lace through.

 Munchky really liked this game matching the basketballs to the correct jersey.  He played this over and over again.

Finally, T-Rex was able to take a turn.

 Munchky's cutting skills have improved since we got these Maped Koopy scissors that "spring" back after each cut.  He is having fun using the Kumon - Let's Cut workbooks.

We did a "B for Basketball" Craft 

Muchky tried to use glue from the bottle - but it was hard to squeeze.

So we "painted" the glue on using q-tips.

Happy with how our B is turning out.
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