Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring Sensory Bin - Ducks and Bunnies and Eggs - Oh My!

We're so excited that spring is around the corner. (yes, here in the North it is still in the 30's - supposed to be 55 tomorrow though!). So we are celebrating spring for the entire month of April - with a different focus each week.

I just finished this months sensory bin (we will be changing some items each week)

The spring sensory bin (ducks and bunnies and eggs, oh my edition) includes:
                   Easter basket "grass"
                   Easter Egg Gel Clings (around all sides of bin)
                   Pastel "see through" plastic Easter eggs
                   "chocolate" plastic easter eggs
                   Multi-color spiny balls
                   Squeaky/squirter frogs and duck
                   Stuffed ducks/bunnies in varying sizes
                   Multi-color clips

Sensory Bin Activites
           Explore/ find the ?  (sight & touch)
           Play with gel clings (touch, motor skills)

            Put the ? color clip on the ducks ?  (Color and body part recognition, fine motor skills)                  

            Color Matching, Fine Motor Skills, sound, & taste:
                  Open and close eggs,
                  Match spiny ball color to egg color and put in.
                  Some Chocolate eggs have M&M's, shake to figure out which ones have M&M's and eat!

               Some frogs squeak others have water in them - squeeze to find out which!

          Just for fun / just inevitable:  throw sparkly "grass" up in air to simulate "April Showers".

We'll be changing it up a bit each week  as we will be doing insects & rainbows, and planting and gardening weeks.

Let me know what you think or if you have any ideas for the weeks coming up.




  1. How fun! This will be perfect for our Easter week!

  2. Hi, I'm visiting from Tot School. Thanks for the great ideas. These bins will be so fun for my daughter!

  3. Very cute~ I liked how you matched the balls with the eggs. I am trying to put together our Easter bin tonight. Thanks for the ideas.