Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Apples and Farm con't

Tot School

Munchky is currently 28 months
T-Rex is 11 months

This week we continued our farm and apples theme as there was so many things to do.  We also went to the playground a lot as we had beautiful mid-70's weather.  Not for long!.  

Munchky enjoyed playing with his farm tot pack games.  Heads and Tails was his favorite.  He didn't really get it 2 weeks ago, but I used the ABC's on the farm cards to show him how the animals looked "whole", then he got the idea that he needed to put the heads and tails together.  He also enjoys the "regular" animal matching.  Click here for the farm tot pack printables. 

Munchky also helped mom make a pumpkin walnut cake.  He is becoming quite the baker. 

He started to slip off the chair while we were doing this, I caught him and he says "you OK? Be careful".  It's funny when they use your words.

Munchky is also getting slightly better letting T-Rex share his books (as long as he keeps his distance).  We are still working on this.  Hopefully one day I will be able to read to T-Rex without Munchky snatching the book away.
 T-rex was able to get in some uniterrpted puzzle time when Munchky was napping. 

T-Rex loved playing with big brothers farm and we tried practicing the sounds animals make.

Munchky thew his stuffed animals out of their basket, got in and started singing "Row, row, row your boat"

Notes on Organization
I'm starting to get more organized.  I haven't started using tot trays yet with Munchky as he (not to mention T-Rex) would just dump all of them out.  I'm currently using a bookcase.  The lower two shelves have toys, board books and puzzles, that I'm rotating on a weekly basis for Munchky and T-Rex.  The next shelf up has an organizer with the printable games (matching, counting, etc..) that I have for that week, plus Munchky's books we're reading. Munchky can reach these but not T-Rex.  The top three shelves have our art supplies, play-doh, manipulatives, and other toys. I get these out individually when we use them.  If muchky doesn't want to do what I picked out, I put it away and put something else together.  Usually he will tell me what he wants.  

For organizing our printable "games", after I have printed, laminated them, and cut them out.  I put them in "pouches". I take a #10 envelope, seal it, then cut it half, which makes two pouches to store the pieces. I then glue or tape a picture to the front..  In case of bigger pieces, I used a "used" greeting card envelope, I tape it opening, and cut the top off to make the pouch.  When we are not using them I put them in a pocket file folder and store.  When we are using them, I arrange them in the organizer for Munchky to get out when he wants. 

Next week: Leaves, Nuts & Pumpkins

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